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Refuge for the Poor


This is the temporary building of the Home of Refuge for the Poor. It is a homeless shelter where we currently accommodate, feed, and care for the poorest of the poor; the orphans, the under privileged, the physically challenged persons, and the abandoned elderly. However, this building has become inadequate for our work due to increasing numbers of persons we care for. We are in dare need of a bigger space; in order to enable us carry out our work effectively, and be able to reach out to more persons that need our care.

Please consider making a donation to us today! Your generous donation will help us expand our mission to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference

How you can Support us

As a voluntary, non-profit, and charity organization, The Home of Refuge for the Poor relies on the generous support and donation of kind hearted individuals. Our material needs are supplied by the generosity of our supporters like you who share in our mission, and offer their own resources to serve the poorest of the poor through us. There are three basic ways you can help

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